About Company

We seek to meet any request from the products only through communication with us, we receive inquiries via the contact us - in Yemen and the Middle East, our goal is to satisfy all our customers to submit their applications as soon as possible and at the lowest price - we are working on fair competition in the free trade process,  Arabic Gulf Union Company - General Agencies, and trade marketing through marketing distinct branches in various governorates of Yemen.

Since the modern company and note it in a large growth in a variety of products, especially in automotive tires and wheels cars, oil, grease and other automotive products,

The company operates in the following areas:

- Marketing and sale of tires and oils

- Wheels cars of all types of trucks and cars

-  Renovation Tyres

- Automotive services

- Liquid and dry batteries

- Transportation and Stevedoring Services

- Oil and Grease


Arabic Gulf Union Company - one of the modern companies in the Republic of Yemen. Work in the areas of trade and investment , we look forward to seeing advanced in the Yemeni markets through effective marketing management  in the various governorates of Yemen.

In the future of our development strategy, and will continue -  Arabic Gulf Union Company - to build the most advanced and  effective marketing and distribution of And marketing tires and other products  by building a dedicated team and coach with great care in the field of marketing.

The company is always looking for ways to delight their customers and make them closer to her.

We realize that our offices and branches can receive guests only at a specific time during the day so we created this site to be available to you round the clock.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you.

We wish you a happy day.

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